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CRM investment 'becoming more essential'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Investing in customer relationship management (CRM) systems is vital in the current economic climate, it has been claimed.

According to CRM solutions provider Biz IT Pro, putting in place stable platforms to manage customer information and improve business systems is essential for companies to strengthen core business processes.

Steve Noe, president of the group, commented: "Business leaders with a vision know that this is the time to improve processes and increase efficiency.

"Investing in infrastructure, productivity and relationships with customers is critical right now."

The group went on to say that CRM solutions that can be easily modified are able to expand as companies grow.

Earlier this week, the Mobile Marketing Association commented that mobile media could be an effective way for businesses to leverage CRM systems.

The group added that mobile technology can help businesses establish a "unique connection" with consumers through CRM and the public has a need for on-demand devices and services.