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CRM leads often abandoned 'too early'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Many businesses have a tendency to abandon leads generated by customer relationship management (CRM) solutions too early, reports

As many as 80 per cent of leads generated by a business using CRM solutions will produce a sale as long as nine months after it was first created, although reps have a tendency to drop up to 70 per cent sooner rather than later, the website claims.

CRM systems can be used to create a contact record that collates all the relevant information and prioritizes which are the most important so that reps will be less tempted to discard them.

In addition, many firms have a remarketing database which focuses on leads over a year old that do not appear to the sales team, but these still become active leads if a contact suddenly makes a new action that suggests they may intend to make a purchase.

In related news, Ohio University has taken on a new CRM solution to help with a range of operations and ensure data quality.