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CRM 'must be examined by firms maximizing their sales efficiency'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses investing in software to help their sales process, including customer relationship management (CRM) applications, should make sure they maximize efficiency, an expert asserts.

Michael Falkson, chief executive of eti Sales Support, tells that returning to direct marketing could be a more cost-effective way to generate new leads.

He advises companies to invest in an audit vehicle which can assess its efforts' successes, as this can measure return-on-investment (ROI), reducing wastage.

"If your marketing department is wasting dollars on ineffective non-sales producing activities, then stop them. This will help capture wasted valuable dollars on marketing activities with no ROI," he asserts.

Mr Falkson tells the news provider that a strong database of information, such as a CRM system, can help inquiry management and follow through.

Earlier this week, president of Trigent Software Errol James claimed that companies are investing in CRM suites as a way of maximising their efficiency and reducing expenditure.