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CRM 'needs to be updated'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Current views and prevailing thoughts on customer relationship management (CRM) technologies need to be updated to take into account the recent changes, it has been claimed.

The explosion of social media on the internet and the use of websites such as Facebook and Twitter - not to mention the potential of video marketing - means that CRM has been transformed in recent months and businesses need to reconsider how they approach their clients.

According to Computer World, it is time for businesses to think more deeply about their CRM strategies and utilize the various methods available to their greatest potential.

This may not mean focussing all the marketing power of an organization on the development of a successful Twitter campaign, but may require more complex approaches, dovetailing traditional media such as direct mail campaigns with social network technology.
That means maintaining a high level of data quality and address data remains crucial for the success of any CRM strategy, rather than simply abandoning such information in pursuit of the latest technology.

Many businesses in the US have benefited from the use of direct mail campaigns during the recession because they are cheap to implement and are renowned for providing high returns on investment, provided address data used is of a high standard.