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CRM 'requires customer communication'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Companies can improve customer relationship management (CRM) data quality by ensuring there is a strong level of communication with customers, an expert asserts.

Bob Cooper, founder and president of Frontier Service Design, tells Sales and Marketing that those using CRM must ensure it targets a specific problem identified by their customers.

He advises that staff in managerial roles improve data quality by getting out into the field and discussing issues with front-line staff and consumers, looking at the business through their eyes.

"The job of marketers [is] to be the advocates of their clients' end-customers. They can't help a client if they won't listen to what their customers are saying," Mr Cooper states.

Describing CRM technology as useless without the necessary understanding of its process, he tells the news provider that firms which do not work towards ensuring data quality are wasting money.

James Wong, co-founder and chief executive officer at Avidian Technologies, recently wrote in PC World that it is crucial that staff are taught how to use CRM effectively.