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CRM segmentation allows for 'streamlined data collection'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
For businesses, attracting and retaining customers through targeted marketing campaigns should be considered a priority, an expert has claimed.

Industry expert Vivek Thomas, president of Maximizer Software, has highlighted the important role that CRM segmentation can play in achieving this goal.

Writing for DM News, he explained that by segmenting a prospect and customer base with the help of CRM enables a "streamlined and efficient process for collecting and evaluating detailed company information".

Businesses may want to consider teaming CRB segmentation with improved data quality and data collection tools to ensure the accuracy of information.

"Using effective CRM segmentation can help businesses not only deliver tailored marketing messages that will ultimately drive more sales, but it can also serve as a competitive differentiator to elevate overall market reputation," Mr Thomas added.

Meanwhile, according to a recent article on the Technology Evaluation website, US organizations should ensure that maintaining high data management standards should be a principal part of their business operations.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler