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CRM software 'can improve customer experience'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Firms looking to position themselves for future growth as the world begins to emerge from the recession should consider investing in customer relationship management (CRM) software, an expert has advised.

Don Van Doren said a growing number of businesses are now coming to recognize the importance of providing clients with a good experience when they contact the company.

Writing for online portal Unified Communications Strategies, he outlined a number of new ways in which firms are seeking to interact with their customers.

Many are turning to unified communications concepts such as instant messaging, allowing them to enhance their contact with clients, Mr Van Doren pointed out.

He explained that this method can enable customers to get in touch with the company directly, as well as allowing agents to seek help from supervisors when dealing with queries.

"All these techniques help customers achieve their goal in an interaction, and do it in a way that enhances the experience," Mr Van Doren added.

According to CRM Buyer, companies looking to improve their customer experience might also consider adapting their strategies to include increasingly popular social media sites.