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CRM software 'essential for business'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Strong customer relationship management (CRM) software, which could include address standardization components, is a key product for businesses, an expert asserts.

Paul McIndoe writes for Best Syndication that applications of this type make the marketing and sales processes easier.

He says that customers are the most essential factor for any company and anything which improves relationships with consumers has a crucial role to play.

"CRM software can help businesses to make better informed marketing decisions, create shorter and more effective sales cycles and ultimately, it helps to develop a company-wide culture that is more customer-focused," he asserts.

Mr McIndoe tells the news provider that cross-selling opportunities can produce additional sales by analyzing existing transactions.

He warns that it is important only products of value are suggested, as overselling can lead to client relationships being jeopardized.

Larry Goldman, business intelligence specialist, recently told that lead management is becoming increasingly important for companies, potentially indicating a need for address software.