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CRM software 'must be used effectively'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Those using productivity tools in conjunction with customer relationship management (CRM) software must ensure their sales processes use the latter effectively, an expert asserts.

Bill Golder, executive vice president of business development at Miller Heiman, tells Sales and Marketing that those firms which connect sales process tools such as address management software with lead generation capabilities can have great results.

He emphasises the crucial role of implementation, saying divisions which do not effectively use the technology will not benefit from this.

"Only when you can embed those tools into your CRM or sales force automation [SFA] system do you have something salespeople see value in and have a desire to connect to," he tells the news provider.

Mr Golder says there is a frequent misconception that the effective use of SFA is impossible and this must be corrected.

Earlier this month, chief of IBM's business optimization center William Pulleyblank told of the importance that data quality holds for processes relying on this information.