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CRM suite effectiveness 'allows firms to offer better value'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The effectiveness of business measures such as customer relationship management (CRM) suites affects the company's ability to offer value, research shows.

A report by the Butler Group states that it is important for firms looking to cut costs to understand the consequences of doing so, with IT projects being seen holistically and in the context of the company at large.

Mark Blowers, enterprise architectures practice director and co-author of the Managing Costs in IT - Maximising The Value of IT Assets and Budgets study, says organizations must prioritize the most rewarding initiatives, which could include CRM suites.

He emphasizes the fact that using ad hoc spreadsheets is no longer practical due to the increasing importance of data quality.

Mr Blowers states: "In order to reach the required level of consistency, the use of an architectural approach and the deployment of an integrated toolset and common repository must be an area of focus."

A recent report by IT Governance Publishing claimed that data quality and accuracy are essential for companies, as corrupt or incomplete data can present a large number of problems.