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CRM systems 'need to adapt'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
As businesses look to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions are being forced to develop accordingly.

This is according to an article on the Computing website, which noted that CRM systems need to change to reflect the growing importance of social and mobile media.

A survey conducted by the news provider found that a large number of CRM clients are looking to see changes made to the software in order to better serve their organizations.

Over 50 per cent of those questioned were keen to see the technology able to be synched with to mobile devices, with sales teams hoping to be able to update customer information directly from their smartphones.

Elsewhere, enhanced customer service options were another popular option and 35 per cent of respondents said they would benefit from improved support desk management.

Another change in the business environment is the social media revolution.

"This has given rise to social CRM software, which has the ability to pull in information from websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn," the article noted.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler