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CRM systems to play pivotal role in marketing strategies

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data quality issues may come to the fore if CRM systems begin to play a larger role in organizations' marketing strategies.

According to David Williams, chairman and chief executive of Merkle, economic instability and advances in digital communications have created a "perfect storm" for CRM to adopt a more prominent role for businesses, DMNews has reported.

Speaking at his company's CRM Executive Summit, Mr Williams warned that marketers faced a range of challenges in the next year including taking control of customer content and changes in consumers' purchasing preferences.

"A competitive advantage exists in how a marketer can deploy and shift from mass to targeted media," the news provider cited him as saying.

Earlier this year, Forrester Research said that companies would be looking to increase their uptake of CRM systems this year, but may struggle with customer data issues.

Many industry leaders advise that one of the most important tenants of a successful CRM system is good data quality.

Posted by Paul Newman