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CRM to be taken on more actively by Urban Outfitters

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Urban Outfitters, a company that specialises in apparel products, has announced it will be pursuing customer relationship management (CRM) more actively.

The firm will run a database infrastructure that will be established in a Knowledge Center and will use a range of features including analytics to help run marketing campaigns with a higher degree of efficiency and with more focus on data quality.

Using CRM to develop the new Knowledge Center could help the firm to interact more effectively with existing customers as well as looking for new ones, while promoting the range of brands like Anthropologie and Free People, which are owned by Urban Outfitters.

Calvin Hollinger, chief information officer at Urban Outfitters, said: "We are taking a new approach to consistently promote each of our brands to customers in a unique way, while also gaining critical intelligence regarding consumer buying behavior across a complex array of channels and marketing programs."

Microsoft recently announced it will be tying its Dynamics CRM solution to Twitter to help businesses monitor relevant web chatter.