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CRM upgrades 'will help improve efficiency'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Educational institutions looking to transform outdated admissions, finance and student service processes may want to consider changing their CRM systems.

According to Mike Statmore, director of University IT at Post University, Connecticut, implementing the new applications will help to improve efficiency and better the student experience.

Mr Statmore was speaking after the university made the switch to a software-as-a-service package.

It is hoped that the software will help the university cut costs and improve efficiency by automating a substantial number of manual processes.

"Many of our current systems are antiquated and not up to the tasks of efficiently communicating with existing students or scaling to meet expected growth over the next year and beyond," Mr Statmore says.

"We have built a solid reputation for providing an exceptional student experience and this new system will enable us to provide even better, more efficient services."

Meanwhile, software provider Oracle recently claimed that a growing number of colleges and universities are looking to collect and analyze data.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler