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'CRM useful for personalizing customer products'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Customer relationship management (CRM) software can be very useful for businesses looking to drive sales by offering clients a more personalized service, reports CE Pro Magazine.

The software can be used to capture information about a firm's existing client base, as well as prospective customers, and then this data can be used to make promotional material more personal and to send details of specific products and offers that are more likely to appeal.

Taking advantage of the technology in this way can help boost business and could be more likely to sustain the loyalty of a client base.

According to the website, Steve Firszt, head coach of Fast Forward Business Coaching, said: "Make sure the people who already know and trust you never forget you. You need them to remember you."

He added that businesses should consider contacting clients ten or 12 times every year with relevant information and that CRM software can help ensure data quality to make the correspondence personal.

The University of Michigan has installed CRM software to help centralize its fundraising activities, reports DMNews.