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CRM 'weathers the downturn well'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A survey discussing customer data quality and Customer relationship management's (CRM) business value has found that the system has weathered the global economic downturn "better than many other enterprise software applications".

CRM solutions will continue to see strong demand this year, the poll by Gartner found.

Chris Pang, principle research analyst at Gartner, said: "Last year, the recession had less of an impact on CRM software than on other software segments … with a slight improvement in CRM software revenues expected this year.

"In terms of growth opportunity in the market … CRM analytics will continue to see strong demand in 2010."

The survey also found that the top priorities for CRM intitiatives in 2010 were based around finding new clients, with customer satisfaction and acquiring new customers ranked as the top two priorities.

Gartner conducted the survey in preparation for their Customer Relationship Management Summit of analysts to discuss improving customer data quality and CRM business value, which is to be held in March this year in London, England.