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CRM with high data quality 'will show changes in customer spending'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The economic downturn has highlighted the importance of having an accurate and up-to-date customer relationship management (CRM) system including high levels of data quality, an expert asserts.

Angie Hirata, worldwide director of marketing and business development for Maximizer Software, tells Sales and Marketing magazine that recent changes to people's behavior must be recognized and responded to in order for firms to succeed.

She emphasizes the value of concentrating on existing customers and working on strengthening ties to them through effective use of CRM suites.

"A solid plan for all customer-facing departments, enabled with the help of a CRM system, can quickly help a company shift gears to focus on their customers to succeed through the economic downturn," she asserts.

Ms Hirata tells the news provider that businesses should review their marketing messages and sales tactics based on the results that high-quality data brings back from CRM and to revise their approach to take the recession into account.

Nexen, an energy company, recently told IT World Canada that effective database management can allow firms to concentrate on their core business practices.