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Customer communications 'must be personalized'

Rachel Wheeler Archive

US marketers should ensure that their communications with customers are unique and personalized, DMNews has reported.

According to the news provider, Christa Carone, chief marketing officer for Xerox, used the Digital Marketing Days conference in New York to highlight the importance of creating personal messages.

Ms Carone drew attention to the tough media landscape which was faced by marketers and showed the importance of producing content that would stand out.

"Marketers should try to understand the unique aspects of each customer and then turn that into a relevant conversation based on that specific customer," she explained.

In order to achieve this goal, businesses that use direct mail as their primary means of communication with consumers may want to invest in address verification software, as it will ensure that data is correct.

A recent article by TCMnet claimed that the software would help cut costs and also improve customer service, as "if a mistake is made, the error can have a ripple effect throughout the entire organization."

Posted by Paul Newman