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Customer data demands 'high standards of data quality'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations cannot underestimate the importance of maintaining high standards of data quality when it comes to storing information relating to customers, one industry commentator has claimed.

Writing for Information Management, Edwin D'Cruz explained that a successful data management system will provide consistently reliable information surrounding customers across the business spectrum.

According to the expert, most departments across an organization will be aware of the importance of keeping clients and consumers happy.

"The customer function takes a very high priority because quality and integrity of the information cannot be compromised," Mr D'Cruz explained.

"Any deviations from this principle will result in degradation in the customer experience - inaccurate information will quickly lead to a loss of confidence in the information."

Meanwhile, a recent article for TCM Net suggested that housing accurate customer contact data should be viewed as one of a company's most valuable assets.

Contributing editor Susan Campbell explained that without proper address verification software, organizations face making mistakes when attempting to connect with their clients.

Posted by Richard Jones