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Customer experience data 'should be utilized'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US organizations could use customer experience data to help them make more informed business decisions, it has been suggested.

Writing for Smart Data Collective, Sean McClowry claims that the information is currently not effectively utilized due to the complex nature of many database management systems and tight budgetary constraints.

Mr McClowry noted that "in tough economic times, it is crucial to have the ability to not only listen to our customers' needs but respond to them quickly".

In addition, the data expert highlighted the views of Theresa Kushner, director of strategic marketing and customer intelligence at Cisco Systems, who believes that making use of the resource can help to unify data systems.

Furthermore, Ms Kushner hinted that customer satisfaction will be improved, as it demonstrates that companies can respond effectively to their clients' needs.

Recent research conducted by Rosslyn Analytics found that a large number of industry professionals lack faith in their current data.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler