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Customer loyalty schemes 'provide useful data'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Retail customer loyalty schemes can help online merchants using ZIP Code verification software to collect valuable data about their consumer base.

According to marketing and loyalty specialists uber, loyalty schemes enable firms to get to know their customer base through the identification of spend and visit patterns.

From this data, companies can segment their customers in order to drive marketing campaigns more effectively, thus increasing revenue.

Sarah Cross, managing director of uber, said personalizing the approach to customer loyalty generates trust with the consumer, which builds loyalty.

"Your most precious assets are your consumers, making sure you look after them and having a relationship with them means keeping them for longer," she added.

Steve Petracca, senior vice-president of global consumer marketing at McAfee recently claimed that it is vital that online merchants now reassess their security measures in order to ensure customer loyalty, as this remains a major concern for online shoppers.

Posted by Richard Jones