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Customer retention strategies 'to be important in 2011'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses and organizations will look to re-engage inactive former customers and clients in the coming year, it has been suggested.

In setting out his predictions for changes to marketing strategies in 2011, Media Post blogger Chad White notes that in some cases, "inactives" can make up 50 per cent or more of a marketer's list, thereby undermining deliverability and end results.

Observing that many marketers do not have a plan in place for addressing the issue of inactive clients, he urged organizations to focus and improve on data quality, which could include utlilizing address verification software.

"Marketers must start by defining what "inactive" is for them, then progress to segmentation tactics to message inactives differently, and culminate with reactivation campaigns that give subscribers a chance to reaffirm their interest or be dropped from the list," said Mr White.

The comments come after Loren McDonald, vice-president of industry relations company Silverpop, wrote for DM News recently that post purchase emails can help to drive further revenue growth.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler