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Customer satisfaction an important by-product of good data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers would reap the benefits of improving their data quality, it has been claimed.

Good data quality has the ability to increase customer satisfaction and make business processes more efficient, according to Michael Matzer.

Writing for Intelligent Retailing, he cites the example of wrongly addressed direct mail as a source of consumer dissatisfaction.

Furthermore, Mr Matzer highlights that inconsistencies, gaps and multi-language problems can all contribute to ineffective data quality.

He writes: "Improving the quality of address and master data does not only keep the customer satisfied."

"Consistent data allows for efficient processes and enables employees to be more productive and to work error-free."

One such method to minimize errors would be to invest in Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) certified technology for businesses that use mail.

An article in Target Marketing Magazine recently said that improved data quality from list content is set to play a key role in the outcome of any marketing campaign this year, with more information set to be contained within data fields.