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Customers concerned with eco-credentials

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Online retailers are able to offer a more environmentally-friendly alternative to their high street counterparts, it has been claimed.

This is according to, which suggested that e-commerce should be viewed as the green alternative.

"Many shopping trips are only a mile or so away from where people live and if they drive with only one person in the car it's using fuel and CO2 unnecessarily," Nigel Berman, founder of the website added.

"E-commerce is greener - studies have found that carbon dioxide emissions from a van delivery are significantly less than making a special trip to the shops to buy the same item."

Mr Berman's comments come after a recent study by IMRG found that 64.2 per cent of 1,320 shoppers consider carbon-friendly delivery of goods to be important.

However, he noted that rising fuel prices, twinned with organization's environmental concerns, are making many delivery companies look at becoming more efficient.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler