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Customers keen on direct mail communications

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A new study has suggested that consumers value paper statements as much as local call centres and bank branches.

In news which could reflect trends in the US, Royal Mail commissioned research has found that companies that switch off mail-based communications risk damaging customer relationships and eroding loyalty.

The study found that 73 per cent of those questioned would feel inconvenienced and annoyed if the direct mail communications were taken away and 65 per cent of customers would consider moving to a competitor if it happened.

Antony Miller, head of media development at Royal Mail, said: "Our research clearly shows that most people like to have the choice of receiving confidential statements through a combination of both mail and email channels.

"Companies that do not give their customers a choice about how they receive statements really run the risk of losing them to competitors that do."

The news may lead to more organizations investing in address verification tools to help improve their customer relationships and satisfaction levels.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler