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Danville helps census officials with address verification

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The city of Danville, Illinois, is helping officials from the Census Bureau with address verification following concerns of an inaccurate count in the region.

Confusing house numbers and roman numerals have contributed to the uncertainty, but Chris Milliken, the Danville planning and zoning manager believes nearly 970 valid addresses may have been deleted from the national database, reports

Mr Milliken has until November 20th to provide valid address data and documentation to prove his argument.

Getting the count right and ensuring everyone is included within the census data is important as population figures help determine the amount of federal funding sent out to regional and local authorities.

A nationwide address verification study was carried out earlier this year by Census Bureau officials and 4.5 million duplicate addresses were found, according to the Government Accountability Office.

Further, 1.2 million non-residential addresses were found, which contributed to the deletion of 21 million pieces of address data nationally.