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Data aggregation 'maximizes sales efficiency'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Effective data classification is vital to ensure companies maximize their sales in the current economic climate, it has been claimed.

According to technology provider D&H Distributing, improving data quality solutions can enable companies to market themselves, convey value and increase sales in the downturn.

Jeff Davis, senior vice president at the company, commented: "More detailed taxonomy and quality data can help differentiate their inventory and their overall proposition for buyers, creating a better transaction experience. That can generate a competitive edge at a time when many companies are lowering their standards."

The group went on to explain that effective aggregation of data can help companies improve the accuracy and detail of subscribers' e-commerce storefronts, online catalogs and electronic marketing materials, creating a better experience for the end-user.

This week, home improvement company Godfrey DIY stated that adding address lookup functionality to its website has helped reduce the possibility of customer drop-off at website checkouts.