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Data and timing 'vital' to email marketing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Email marketers have been told that the success of a campaign is heavily reliant on both data and timing.

Joel Book, principal of marketing research and education at ExactTarget, has claimed that this year companies will spend even more money than previously on email marketing in an effort to "attract, engage and retain" consumers.

As such, Mr Brook has reminded industry professionals about the importance of timing and content relevance when they send out their correspondence.

Speaking to DM News, the expert added that personalization should be viewed as a key component of any email and, as such, relevant and accurate data is vital.

"When customer insight data is put into action, it can help determine what information or offer to deliver to an individual customer and when to deliver it, dramatically improving email performance," Mr Brook said.

"Companies that truly understand their customers possess the ability use that data to make smarter decisions about what information to provide a prospect."

Posted by Paul Newman