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Data center upgrades planned

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Recent research has found that over half of companies surveyed are looking to engage in data center upgrades.

Conducted by McAfee and Brocade, the study focused on 100 IT professionals and security decision makers in US companies with 500 or more employees.

It revealed that 62 per cent of respondents are planning on or already engaged in data center upgrades, largest due to an increased use of virtualization.

Furthermore, 29 per cent reported that scaling server virtualization is a concern and 32 per cent said that bandwidth and traffic engineering are pressing issues at the moment.

Rees Johnson, senior vice-president and general manager for network security at McAfee, commented: "Companies investing in full scale virtualization are now running into network and security challenges.

"Existing data centers have to be upgraded for the stringent demands of virtualization."

Meanwhile, targeted attacks and security breaches were found to still be the biggest threats to the next-generation data centers.

Indeed, 77 per cent of people surveyed rated intrusion prevention as critical or important, while 26 per cent said that target attacks are their main concern.