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Data center virtualization set to rise in popularity

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A growing number of businesses will look to take advantage of data center virtualization this year, it has been claimed.

Michael Crane, editor of Network Communications News, believes that an increasing number of organizations will look to take advantage of the cost-saving benefits of the hosted technology.

He explained that as well as cutting down on costs associated with hardware, companies will also find that maintenance costs are also reduced and efficiency savings can be made.

However, Mr Crane conceded that virtualization may not be the best option for every business.

"The decision to virtualize can depend on the organization's current business environment, the number of data centres they have, the applications used and the sort of access required," he said.

As such, the industry expert explained that the technology is most likely to be utilized by large multinationals.

Meanwhile, Information Week columnist Charles Babcock recently claimed that adopting cloud computing solutions can be a great way for businesses to make significant bottom-line savings.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler