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Data centers boast 'ultra-low PUE'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data centers run by search giant Google boast ultra-low power usage effectiveness (PUE).

Recent reports from Chris Malone, the firm's thermal technologies architect, explained that that the company has an average PUE of 1.16 for ten of its data centers.

It has achieved this by following a number of efficient but commercially available solutions.

"Fix cooling first," advised Mr Malone, "because that is the area with the most opportunity for improvement."

Indeed, while IT equipment consumes around 50 per cent of data center power, cooling is close behind with 35 per cent of the total load.

In terms of power distribution, Mr Malone suggested minimizing conversion steps by just converting once.

Juan Murguia, a data center manager at cement provider CEMEX, told that the ideas were sound advice.

Mr Murguia noted that "it is not a lot of money to do those innovations" and they can really work.