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Data centers 'expanding fast'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data centers around the world are expanding at a rapid pace, it has been noted.

A recent survey from the Uptime Institute, found that about a third to half of all data centers will be physically expanding or leasing new space within the next two years.

The rapid pace of expansion is due to the new pressure that is facing the digital economy.

A total of 525 data center operators and owners were surveyed for the research, 71 per cent of whom are based in North America.

Around 36 per cent of these stated that they will run out of power, cooling and space in the run up to 2012, Computer World reported.

To counter this issue, 40 per cent explained that they will need to build a new data center, while 29 per cent explained that they would lease additional space and a further 20 per cent said they would move IT workloads to cloud providers.

Matt Stansberry, director of content and publications at Uptime, said: "A lot of companies stretched server refresh cycles, but with budgets on the rise that means a lot of people will be running out of capacity."