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Data centers turning to third-party providers

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Research has suggested that data centers are turning to third parties to help them with capacity constraints.

In order to avoid the high cost of building new facilities, research from the Uptime Institute showed, 29 per cent of companies that are running out of capacity are planning to lease collocation space.

A further 20 per cent of the 36 per cent of companies experiencing capacity problems intend to move work to the cloud.

Michael Foust, chief executive of Digital Realty, commented: "Increasingly, enterprises appear to be favoring the lease model, as fewer companies are choosing to go it alone on these capital-intensive projects."

Meanwhile, Matt Stansberry, a research analyst with the Uptime Institute, said that a lot of data centers have put off upgrades during the recession but are now starting to ramp up their spending on power, cooling and floor space.

Mr Stansberry told IT World: "Companies stretched server life cycles an extra 12-24 months, sat on their wallets and rode out the crisis. Now, a lot of shops need to do major infrastructure upgrades."