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Data cleaning 'must be used to update mailing lists'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data cleaning should always be used to ensure mailing lists are kept valid and up-to-date, it has been claimed.

According to small business adviser John Osgood, fake email addresses can cause problems within a database.

He added: "That's why it is important to keep your email mailing list clean, because when you send an email to these fake email addresses, these emails bounce and return, wasting your bandwidth and your time."

Mr Osgood went on to recommend using email address validation software, deleting data from those who have unsubscribed from the list and providing an option for subscribers to change their email address.

Last week, hosted email provider BlueTie stated that poor data management practices can expose firms to legal issues.

The company went on to say that effective data management is vital for functions such as taking orders, formalizing contracts and disseminating information, while it can help avoid expensive legal costs.