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Data cleansing needs to be used to compliment data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Individuals working with data quality may be interested in a new white paper, released by the Electronic Commerce Code Management Association (ECCMA), surrounding data cleansing.

The document highlights the importance of data cleansing to reducing data quality errors caused by miscommunication or inefficient cataloguing.

Peter Benson, executive director of the ECCMA and author of the paper, explained that poor data quality is rife in modern business and it needed to be addressed.

"Data quality has rapidly moved from being seen as a purely technical issue to being recognized as an important issue for senior management," he added.

"As the level of awareness grows, so does the solutions, with substantial growth in both data cleansing services and software applications that manage data quality."

Furthermore, an article by Silicon Republic recently estimated that bad data quality was costing the US six per cent of its GDP.

While individual companies could be losing as much as 20 per cent of their revenue through poor or incorrect data quality.

Posted by Paul Newton