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Data collection changes 'will be made'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers are likely to change the way that they collect customer information as technological improvements are made, DM News reported.

Mark Wright, president and chief executive officer of Targetbase, a database marketing technology services company, noted that changes to government legislation and twinned with changing technology will impact how marketers go about their business.

Despite this, the expert explained that demographic information still remains one of the most important facets of data collection and needs to be utilized if organizations hope to drive sales and improve brand awareness.

"If you want to engage you must establish where they like to engage and engage where they are. You can no longer communicate how you like to communicate," Mr Wright told the news provider.

"You've got to pay attention and come back at them when they want to be engaged."

Elsewhere, it has been reported that US-based organizations are increasingly turning to more and more channels than ever before to reach their customer base.

Speaking to DM News, John Foley, chief executive officer of interlinkONE, explained that as the number of marketing channels increases, so does the number of places used to store data.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler