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Data collection error leads to review

Rachel Wheeler Archive
It has been announced that research, ratings and data provider The Nielson Company is looking into how it can improve its data collection efforts.

The news comes after the organization announced that it may have undercounted website traffic data at a number of prominent US websites.

It explained that long URLs, which frequently result on social media, appear to be the culprit that caused Nielson to report an "estimated average 22 per cent decline in time spent year-on-year" on websites.

Page impressions, unique visitors, time spent on site and individual pages are all important metrics to a number of industries and the Nielson data is used by a number of organizations.

The news may inspire a number of US businesses to look into how they can improve their own data collection processes in order to avoid making costly and potentially damaging errors.

Nielsen said it will correct reporting data for the month of December, which will be released in January 2011.

Posted by Paul Newman