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Data collection 'must be managed'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data has been described as one of the most important assets that a business can possess in today's technologically-evolved environment.

Regardless of which industry an organization finds itself in, data can be collected and analyzed in such a way that provides insight into how to attain business objectives, reports.

As a result, businesses are getting smart about how they collect their information and are giving analysis of this data a "prominent place in their decision-making processes".

However, the news provider explains that it is important that organizations do not make the mistake of collecting as much data as they can possibly find.

"Many make the mistake of collecting as much data as they can find. This is not only distracting; it can reduce the quality of data-driven decisions because those decisions are only as sound as the analysis they're based on," the article noted.

"When too much data is collected, there's a greater likelihood that the wrong analyses will be performed."

Posted by Richard Jones