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Data collection services are 'expanding'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A growing number of technology providers in the US are launching new services or expanding their existing ones to help organizations collect and store data.

However, while marketers agree that the new tools aid them with data collection, many still feel that more needs to be done in order to effectively measure the information which is gathered.

The news may lead to a number of US businesses looking at how improving their data collection and data quality practices could help them.

Speaking to DM News, Bill Balderaz, president and founder of Webbed Marketing explained that the next step was realizing how the data can be utilized in a business environment.

"A few years ago, the value was in getting people to collect this information and getting it tagged, but now it's getting the business intelligence to say, 'what decisions can be made from this?'" he told the news provider.

"The next evolution is working with a business analyst and saying, 'this is what we should do'."

Posted by Richard Jones