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Data control 'remains a big issue in 2012'

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Businesses have been urged to make sure all the information they hold is properly secured.

According to Kevin Wharram, an independent IT security consultant, data control is likely to be a "big issue" during 2012.

This, he said, is because the problems that have arisen in previous years have not gone away. 

For instance, Mr Wharram stated that Android-based devices are still likely to be targeted by malware, while valuable information could also be accessed from people's social networking site profiles.

He noted that authorities in the European Union are keen to improve data protection standards by hitting businesses with financial penalties if information is lost or misappropriated.

If the proposed directive is put in place, companies in the US might therefore have to improve their practices in order to remain competitive and to ensure they continue to command confidence.

Mr Wharram added that the emergence of tablet devices could also create data security risks over the coming months.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler