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Data deduplication use set to increase 'in a year or so'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data deduplication is set to become a popular method of storage for businesses in the future - once initial complications have been ironed out.

Speaking to the Search Storage website, Jerome Wendt, an analyst with DCIG, explained that currently the service is not used regularly for primary systems.

"It's an interesting concept and people are talking about it, but I still think it's a year out for primary storage use," he said.

Mr Wendt claimed that currently deduplication requires a lot of file processing, which can slow the system down and complicate things, which is why its is not used in primary data storage at the moment.

"The challenges of using it to help organize primary storage arrays are greater. It's a much more complicated process and it gets really pricey. I don't think the value proposition is there yet," he added.

According to an article by PC World, deduplication can help businesses cope with the vast amount of data they are now required to store.

Posted by Paul Newman