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Data deluge means 'scientists' and marketers need to work together

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Big data is expected to be a game changer across the board. Its analytics capabilities are expected to enhance decision making in financial services, life sciences, high tech manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, retail, marketing and healthcare, according to ComputerWeekly. The idea is that individuals in these professions can make data-supported judgments sooner by gaining access to straightforward insights.

To achieve this level of support, organizations need to integrate and organize the relevant data that's constantly being created every time a customer completes a transaction online, opts into an email newsletter, downloads a document, swipes a credit or loyalty card at a point-of-sale terminal or posts a comment on Facebook, reports ClickZ.

To effectively manage this vast amount of unstructured information and turn it into usable insight, companies may need to hire 'data scientists' to help marketing teams achieve certain goals, the source explains.

This up-and-coming position was recently called the sexiest position of our time by Harvard Business Review. The magazine printed an article about LinkedIn's rise to popularity, which was driven by Jonathan Goldman, who joined the company in 2006 and made important connections to turn its unstructured, messy data into a connection-forging phenomenon. Now, companies can hire those professionals and use data quality tools to improve their operations and benefit from better insight as they make crucial decisions.