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Data governance helps to 'develop data quality'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data governance is an important factor for providing the basic framework to all data quality projects, it has been claimed.

Industry expert Jim Harris has suggested that it provides the basis for ensuring that data quality schemes become enterprise-wide programs by "facilitating the collaboration of business and technical stakeholders".

Indeed, writing for Smart Data Collective, he explained that data governance helped to place data usage alongside business processes and ensured that individuals become responsible for data quality and ownership.

As such, Mr Harris said that data governance projects helped to empower workers within an organization to make better decisions.

"The relationship between data quality and data governance is a common question and perhaps mostly because data governance is still an evolving discipline," Mr Harris explained.

"Data quality and data governance both go well beyond just improving the quality of an organization's data, because quality and governance are beyond the data."

Posted by Rachel Wheeler