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Data governance is vital to achieve accuracy of information

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations that are looking to store a large amount of information on multiple systems must ensure that they implement an effective data governance strategy, it has been suggested.

According to an article by, it is vital for businesses to have such a management process in place if they want to guarantee the accuracy of their information.

Speaking to the news provider, data quality expert Gwen Thomas, president of the Data Governance Institute, explained that businesses want to have control over their data.

"It's a given that organizations of a certain size want and need some form of formal governance," she said.

However, she noted that while many organizations believe that they have an effective system in place, often they do not have the "breadth, depth or alignment of a formal governance program".

Last month, Sean McLowry wrote for Smart Data Collective that a lack of guidelines surrounding data quality was hampering the development of US businesses.

The expert argued that many companies only ever saw limited success from schemes designed to improve the quality of information.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler