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Data growth causing headaches for IT leaders

Rachel Wheeler Archive
IT business leaders are facing the "perfect storm", with rapid data growth meaning that organizations are being forced to re-evaluate their information management and archiving systems.

In order to overcome these issues companies have been told to consider how they use their data from generation to end-of-life, Express Computer reports.

Speaking to the news provider, Jomol James, system consultant at Dell India, said: "They need reliable backups and restoration and a way to classify data according to its use, value and compliance requirements.

"They need to be able to search this data and find what they need quickly. They also want to be able to plan for data growth, rather than respond to it after the fact."

Meanwhile, organizations have also been told to view data quality issues as both a top-down and ground-up issue if they want to tackle problems.

Jim Harris, an independent consultant and blogger on the subject, told IT Business Edge that any type of enterprise-wide initiative designed to improve processes needs to incorporate the two separate approaches.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler