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Data loss 'can lead to reputational damage'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Experiencing a data breach could have a serious impact on the public perception of a business, experts have warned.

According to MWR InfoSecurity, failing to adequately protect sensitive information can lead to significant reputational damage for a brand.

Organizations were also told they could lose lots of revenue if they are involved in a breach of confidential data.

"There are differing levels of consequences depending on the make-up of the company," said Alex Fidgen, director of MWR InfoSecurity.

However, he stated that measuring the impact of a data breach can sometimes be difficult because a company's reputation is not a "tangible" asset that can be quantified and recorded.

Mr Fidgen added that some of the consequences of a data breach may not be seen for a long time.

For instance, he said that if a firm's intellectual property is stolen, the effects could not become apparent until several years down the line.

Posted by Richard Jones