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Data management advances 'will be key in 2011'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The need for better data management technology in the IT sector will be a key theme in 2011, it has been claimed.

Mary Jander, ThinkerNet editor for Internet Evolution, predicted that the issue of "unstructured data" would be one of the biggest problems in IT next year.

"Sure, I know this isn't 2005. Unstructured data has been flooding enterprise servers for a while now, but its long-term effects are finally forcing many IT managers to re-evaluate their basic setups and assumptions," she said.

Ms Jander also noted that the rise of multimedia data sources in corporate networks, such as video streaming, has served to make the issue of data management more complex.

Indeed, she quoted fellow "ThinkerNetter" Mary Shacklett who recently observed that large files of unstructured data from social sites and other rich media are continuing to "pour "into IT.

The comments come after Pete Boergermann, assistant vice-president and technical support manager at Citizens & Northern Bank, wrote for this week that the advent of Web 2.0 and cloud computing has led to a "data deluge" that organizations across all industries can struggle to deal with.

Posted by Richard Jones