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Data management can aid cloud computing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses wanting to adopt cloud computing storage technologies but worried about security may be interested in the recent comments of one expert.

Jeremy Gidlow, managing director of internet performance company Intechnica, explained that cloud computing services can be secure if they utilize good data management strategies.

The expert was speaking to an audience at an Insider Media event when he highlighted the importance of managing company data appropriately.

 "You are responsible for it but all the main providers have tick boxes in their systems to ring fence your data. Loss of data is more likely to be down to bad management rather than somebody attacking the cloud platform," Mr Gidlow added.

Among the potential benefits for companies which adopt cloud computing are a significant reduction in IT costs as it eliminates the need for physical infrastructure, while it is also considered ideal for smaller firms aiming to expand.

"These services are available on demand with the ability to scale your systems up or down when required," he said.

Posted by Paul Newman