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Data management changes ahead as VoIP drives telephony forward

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data management processes will need to evolve as firms look for new telephony solutions, it is claimed.

In the business market, the Federation of Communication Services says uptake of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) systems increases every year.

Dave Dadds, the organization's deputy chairman, says that this growing interest in VoIP is now gaining a momentum all of its own, as businesses realize the benefits they can achieve.

Such are the cost and maintenance benefits of using telephony systems through virtualized networks, Mr Dadds says VoIP will soon become the business standard.

"There may be certain requirements or certain types of business need but for the vast majority of businesses, I think eventually you'll find very many of them will be using cloud-based VoIP services by default," he concluded.

Leslie Ferry, vice-president of marketing at VoIP communication specialists BroadSoft, recently suggested that new technology will continue to push more businesses toward cloud computing.

Posted by Richard Jones