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Data management crucial to marketing success

Richard Jones Archive

Email marketing is essential to attracting, converting and retaining customers, especially as consumers continue to use digital technologies in every aspect of their lives. Unfortunately, advertising executives often have trouble deploying effective strategies because of the difficulty associated with accumulating and leveraging all the necessary information, which is often archived in disparate storage environments.

A recent report said decision-makers need to use advanced data management systems that are needed to launch targeted advertising campaigns. These solutions should also come with built-in data quality tools to ensure organizations use accurate information.

"Obtaining a 360-degree view of each customer requires marketers to have access to and the ability to use the myriad of customer data that's flowing in each day," data management expert Brian Deagan said.

In the past, businesses would use warehousing technologies as a dumping point for information they didn't see as useful, according to CIO Insight. By developing a more efficient database management strategy, companies can be more prepared for the big data phenomenon, improving customer service and launching more practical marketing initiatives.